Brenda Harms, Ph.D.

Innovative. Energetic. Proven.

Nationally recognized as a leading expert in serving adult students within the higher education industry, Dr. Brenda Harms has assisted dozens of colleges and universities in successfully and strategically growing their enrollments through evaluation of key metrics, implementation of proven processes, design and execution of successful marketing strategy and tactics, and training for both management and staff.

Leveraging knowledge gained through engagements with institutions throughout the US, extensive research, and practical experience Brenda brings a “lets roll up our sleeves” approach to every institutional partner, customized to meet each client’s goals.

"Brenda's work with the Indiana Wesleyan Team challenges us to think differently about the work our institution has been doing with adult students for 30 years, helping us to stay current in the rapidly changing and competitive higher education landscape. Brenda has been extremely valuable in helping all levels of the organization understand this changing landscape and a willingness to embrace best practices."

David Rose
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
Non-Residential Services
Indiana Wesleyan University